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Minifarm in the town | minifarma@minifarmavemeste.cz


Christmas party 2015

We organised a Christmas party celebrating the end of the year, this time in retro-style. As usual, a number of friends gathered for this event and we had a chance to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere with all the guests. They could have a ride in decorated carriages, sit with a nice cup of coffee and Christmas sweets, have a chat or have a look at our live Nativity scene. Children are always in the centre of our attention and this year was no exception. We prepared Christmas workshops for them as well as a big surprise. The farm was visited by the bear brothers Hugo and Bára. We wish you all the best for 2016 and look forward to having many great times together.

To see more photos taken by Vladimír Jagr at the party, click HERE.

Win fantastic prizes!

It’s not only Baby Jesus to bring presents. The Minifarm will bring you gifts too. We have prepared a competition where you can win great prizes.
Your Christmas task is to come up with seven names for our seven babies – our mini-pigs. Send us your suggestions in a personal message on our FACEBOOK, and don’t forget to include your address. You can send us as many tips as you want. We will choose the seven names that we’ll like best, and then post them on our Facebook together with the names of their authors. They will receive a prize from us.
The author of each selected name can choose one of the following gifts: a Minifarm T-shirt or a baseball cap (adult/children size), a St Nicholas stocking with a surprise or a hand-crafted clay Minifarm mug.
Send us your entries by 12 o’clock, 26 December 2015. We can’t wait to read through your ideas!

Competitive races for children

We have prepared competitive hobby races with fun and games for our riders in all age categories.
Most of the children could taste the atmosphere of a race for the very first time. A welcome ceremony, line-up and greeting of all participants, decorated horses and riders were on the programme and this all accompanied by music and a professional commentary.
The most experienced riders were the first to show their mastery. The second category was for children who had had a thorough training, and thus could show what they had learnt in the previous two years. The youngest and least experienced had to deal with an obstacle course. The participating kids couldn’t wait to lead their beloved ponies and tackle the obstacles together. Congratulations to all the riders again!

St. Hubert’s ride 2015 (a celebration of the feast day of the patron saint of hunting)

This year’s St. Hubert’s ride was a success beyond all participants’ expectations. A lovely spring temperature and the sun, which wasn’t only shining but also warming us up, was a guarantee of a great day. We set out on a fairytale horse and carriage ride.
Seven decorated carriages accompanied by riders on horseback left the farm with a clear destination in mind. This was the former spa building in the village of Velká Roudka where we had a refreshing brake and our horses a welcome rest. With recharged batteries, even the youngest of us were ready to make for home in their carriages. All riders and our guests enjoyed a wonderful day on the farm and in its surroundings. It remains to say that we will remember the festive celebration of the end of the horse-riding season for a long time to come.
See you all again next year!

For more photos, go to the Gallery HERE


Invitation to the performance of the Sleeping Beauty

We cordially invite kids and their parents to the theatrical performance called the Sleeping Beauty, which will take place in the Boskovice cinema on 28 November at 2 p.m. This is a family film fairytale full of great songs produced by Jiří Chalupa and Jaromír Klempíř. Starring: Jan Přeučil and Eva Hrušková. We look forward to meeting you all there!

Zombie party for kids

Since we love hosting children parties, the Minifarm was turned into a lair of the undead for a while. If we found anybody with even a bit of life in their body, they got in big trouble.
Zombies crawled out of all the dark corners in and around the stables. All zombies had to graduate from the Senior Zombie High School and pass exams in subjects such as cheating, last aid, suspiciousness, wolfish appetite, silliness, and most importantly disobedience and terrible manners.
The evening concluded with a bloody feast: we ate worms, slimes, snakes, fingers, brains, all kinds of poo, eyes and other body parts. We quenched our thirst with blood and lay contented into our graves on the farm.
We shouldn’t forget to mention that we taught the kids not only about the bad human qualities, but mainly about the good ones. Those that make us human. And because there are only honest souls in our club, all the zombies turned back into people in great mood and smiles on their faces. We will all gladly remember this merry evening.

Click HERE to see more photos from this event

A school trip on the Minifarm

On Thursday 8 October 2015, the children from the kindergarten and primary school located in the village of Vísky came to see our farm. Not only the kids, but also their teachers, took an instant liking to our animals. The children learnt the essentials about horses, mini-pigs, goats and about Eliška the little cow. We also showed them the whole farm and they had to overcome our track which tested their dexterity. They also raced with our ponies.
Thank you for your visit!

Click HERE to see more photos from this event

The Minifarm on a summer camp

We dedicated the past sunny weekend to memories of the summer when our Mobile Minifarm became a part of a summer sports camp for children. This camp was organised on the premises of the local sports club in the village of Véska near Olomouc.
We spent a boiling five days from 3 to 7 August, but we must praise the children and the animals for coping well with the extreme temperatures. The main part of the programme on the Minifarm was not all about fun. The children had to look after the animals all day long. This included washing, walking and taking care of the ponies, as well as learning to ride and feeding them in the evening. The kids showed a great interest in all the activities related to the animals and their effort to learn as much as possible about their lives was fascinating. They immediately fell in love with the animals and it need not be mentioned how difficult it was for them to part at the end of the camp.
We hope that the children went home not only with memories of their favourite animal friend, but also with the knowledge of responsibility which is necessary when dealing with any animal.
We would like to thank all the children, their adult supervisors and the local sports club from the village of Véska for allowing us to be there with them. We had a fantastic time too.

Click HERE to see more photos from this event

Minifarm on the Harvest festival in Olešnice

We have accepted an invitation from the Friends of Beer Association in Olešnice and came to support the second year of the Harvest festival in Olešnice.
A rich cultural programme and a wide selection of food and drinks were surpassed by our animals in the eyes of many kids and adults.
We are pleased by the interest in the animals and learning about their lives, as well as by the happiness from being around them. It is after all the main goal of the Mobile Minifarm to show both children and adults how important it is to be in contact with animals, what it takes to look after them, and that even a mere touch or being in their presence have the power of a healing therapy. We have been very successful in doing so in the events we visit.

Click HERE to see more photos from this event

Individual and group photo shoots

Do you fancy becoming a model for a day?
Visit our farm in Drválovice and try everything it takes to be successful in this field – working with a make-up artist, a stylist and a professional photographer. The photo shoots are done in stylish locations, in lavish costumes of different styles (western, rustical, romantic, Wild West, retro) and in the company of our animals.

… Or perhaps you are looking for an untraditional gift, an unforgettable memory or an exhilarating experience.
Photo shoots with a professional photographer on our farm in Drválovice are all that and more. You will never forget the unique atmosphere of your wedding day, birthday or any other important moment in your life. The photos can be taken in various locations, including the stylish surroundings of our farm, beautiful countryside around it and, of course, with our animals.

We look forward to anyone wishing to become a model for a moment, be it mothers with their children, newlyweds, families, individuals or groups, the young or the older ones.
Should you be interested, please send us a message or an email: minifarma@minifarmavemeste.cz.

More photos from photo shoots are to be found in the Gallery HERE

A summer with King Arthur on the farm

King Arthur on his black horse welcomed children on the Minifarm outside his castle Camelot on 4 July 2015. However, not everyone was allowed to enter his castle. Each of the children had to deserve their entry and accommodation there, and this is what the kids worked on throughout the summer camp. Arthur informed the children about the programme of the camp and explained the laws that were in force in medieval times. “Let us travel to the times of knights, princesses, giants, chivalry tournaments and traditional crafts. These times are ruled by good and evil.”

“The evil sorceress Morgana strives to get to power in England, and it is up to me to stop her with your help. You all are pages now and from tomorrow morning you will have to prove your strength, bravery and devotion to this country. Some of you will be knighted for your actions and efforts in the next few days and I, the King of England, will select those worthy to join me at my round table. We all be equal at my round table, we will be each other’s brothers and sisters in life and in death alike. You are going to seek the Holy Grail and if you find it and drink from it, you will be filled with strength, love and joy which will unite you until the end of your days. The good wizard Merlin is going to be your companion on the journey and he will rush with advice and help in difficult times. With your help and the help of my sword Excalibur, which I got from Merlin, justice, peace and quiet will be restored in Camelot and in the whole English kingdom.” Our motto is “STRENGTH AND HONOUR”.
After these welcoming words, the game turned into a real world of knights and good deeds. The children enthusiastically fulfilled all the tasks: they created clothing, helmets, swords, and jewellery; they hunted game and prepared meals, saved lives and pushed their limits.
An unforgettable experience was a trip to the nearby castle Bouzov, where the guide described the life on the castle in a very captivating way and where the children could see real armour and a lance. Besides visiting the castle on the hill, we also went to have a look into the underground kingdom of the Javoříčko caves.
All the knights’ efforts reached their peak a day before the end of the camp. King Arthur had fallen ill and the only thing which could save him was the water of life from the Holy Grail. The knights of the round table swore allegiance in life and in death and set out on a journey together. From our position of the leaders of the camp, we were moved to see how the children had developed from individualistic beings at the beginning of the camp to a united group who knew the strength of putting in joint effort. No wonder, the life of their king was at stake! Many of them had to overcome fear and everyone managed to stick together in perilous situations.
Moreover, the children were rehearsing a knightly performance during the camp, and they acted it out for their parents before leaving. They enjoyed a joint success, as everyone played their part really well. We are happy that the children found out during the week that it is rewarding to pull together and we wish them to keep a piece of the chivalry in their hearts.

You can view more photos from the camp HERE

Memories of the horse riding camp

Children attending this horse riding camp conscientiously learnt to ride and work with horses. They could test how successful their preparation had been during an adventurous journey in the open countryside. The more advanced children had to deal with a more demanding terrain in the forest, with elevations and steep hills. They also tried if they could orient themselves in unknown countryside and finally, we all reached our destination. We spent several enchanting nights sleeping under the stars with our animals in an old spa in Velká Roudka, so adventure became our daily routine. Not only did the children prove how brave they were, but they also showed their enthusiasm for learning and exploring the new and the unknown. We believe that the moments which we experienced together will remain in the memories of all of us.

Click HERE to see more photos from this event

Children visiting our farm before the holidays

Children from kindergartens and elementary schools from Letovice, Brněnec and other surrounding places came to visit our farm before the end of the school year. We have prepared an educational programme, fun games for indoors and the outside, the children could ride our ponies, wash the miniature pigs and walk the goats. Most attention and cuddling attracted Eliška the miniature cow who loves children. Everybody was over the moon. Thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to more happy moments with you all!

Click HERE to see more photos from this event

Animal-assisted therapy on the farm

The clients of the respite care facility in the village of Šebetov have now a new opportunity to meet our animals directly on our farm. They can walk our miniature horses, brush and feed them, take care of them and cuddle. They also look after other animals (pigs, sheep, goats) and enjoy the company of the cow Rézinka and the little cow Eliška. Walks with the animals are especially popular, since everyone can relax in the calm and picturesque surroundings of our farm and recharge the much needed energy.

You can view more photos HERE

A visit from the kindergarten in Brněnec

We really appreciate the words of thank you from the director of the kindergarten in the village of Brněnec and the children. We cannot wait to see them again on their next visit to our farm.

A more detailed article with photos from this event can be found on the kindergarten’s web pages HERE

Children club on the Minifarm in the action 2015

The children club on the Minifarm prepares fun activities for children of all ages. Everybody finds here an interest to pursue. Do not hesitate to visit the Minifarm and experience happy moments in the company of our animals.

For more photos, go to the Gallery HERE

Horse riding skills trainings with Henry Špánik

Our most skilful riders have the opportunity to attend a joint training session with our trainer Henry Špánik, who has devoted his life to the preparation of riders and horses for various stunt shows and the movie industry. We practise riding in the smoke, around and through the fire, and we train our horses to overcome various obstacles and to withstand noises such as shooting and explosions. The riders can learn and improve in archery on horseback, artistic and circus-like activities and many other skills.

Obedience and patience of the horses in different situations both outside and inside is a must in the training. These lessons are vital for improving riding technique, but also for the safety of the riders and horses.

A photo shoot for graduation photoboards

Last Friday our farm organised a thematic photo shoot with animals for graduation photoboards of students of the College of Higher Education in Economics and Nursing and Secondary School in Boskovice. The students and their class teacher enjoyed themselves tremendously. The Minifarm team wishes the students good luck with the final exam and hopes that they will become exactly the people they want to be.

The children club on the Minifarm even for the youngest

The children club on the Minifarm prepares fun activities for children of all ages. Not only will they ride horses and ponies, but they will also have a lot of fun. You can find more information and see more photos on our Facebook HERE

Minifarm on a “Spring” walk

Our animals could draw energy from the shining sun on a walk with their favourite caretaker – Henry. They walked on and off the tracks, across fields and meadows, overcoming many an obstacle, but they all returned all right in the end. We are just wondering who was more tired…

You can see more photos on our Facebook HERE


We have just had new web pages made for our Minifarm in the town. You can learn everything about our activities, news and photographs from our events here. You can also follow us on Facebook HERE.

Our arts and crafts group

The children are well taken care of. There are no boundaries to their creativity. News and more photos can be found on our Facebook HERE

Riding in the snow

We have used this year’s snow to practise with our horses outside. For example, we have trained riding in the smoke and dealing with difficult terrain with the horse Gandalf and we let him ride freely as a reward.

Vendy, an experienced member of our riding club, took up the challenge and you can see how beautiful it was in the gallery.

You can see more photos on our Facebook HERE

Minifarm on a walk

One weekend in February, our animals could draw energy from the shining sun on a walk with their favourite caretaker – Henry. They walked on and off the tracks, across fields and meadows, overcoming many an obstacle, but they all returned all right in the end. We are just wondering who was more tired… You can see more photos on our Facebook HERE

Winter fun in the children club

The Minifarm in the town runs a children club. The children do arts and crafts here, work with pottery and develop their creativity. They can also have a ride on our horses and ponies. Other activities include a music group and taking care of our animals. Taking into consideration the current climatic conditions, the children could go on an adrenalin ride on a sledge.