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Earth Day in the kindergarten MŠ Komenského, Letovice

This was the second time we had brought our Minifarm to the kindergarten in Letovice, this time to celebrate Earth Day on 22 April 2015. Both adults and children gave us an enthusiastic welcome just as they did a year earlier when we came for a grand opening of their new garden.

The number of people who came to have a look was very high and the weather was also favourable, so everything was set for a lovely afternoon. We also brought a new arrival to our farm, Eliška the miniature cow, and she immediately won everybody’s heart. All visitors then could participate in feeding her. Special thanks are due to the director of the kindergarten Eva Pilařová and all the teachers for their warm welcome, great cooperation and for having us at all. We would also like to thank all the supporters of our Minifarm, as they accompany us on our events, and we want to say thanks to the people who love us for what we do.